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--- tags: TPF title: TPF Legal & Commercial group - outline proposal --- # Synopsis As well as being the bank manager, TPF asserts that one of the primary responsibilities is to manage IPR including trademarks etc. Additionally, TPF takes responsibility for commercial commitments such as TPC venues and finances. Therefore a team is established to provide advice on legal and commercial matters. This document is a draft outline for presentation to TPF board and communities for comment on 18:30 (GMT) 18 September 2020. # Members Leader : Nige TPF Board liaison : TBC Proposed members (to be invited) : Pete Sargeant Allison Randall External support : Pam - Ad-hoc legal counsel Retained legal firm # Scope / responsibilities To cover: - IPR / trademarks - Serious community matters - CAT support - Governance legitimacy - Contracts # Aims The legal committee supports TPF, its committees, and the software projects and communities we serve by: - protecting and promoting the intellectual property rights of TPF - protecting and promoting the intellectual property rights of software projects - sharing knowledge and strategies with software projects for promoting their IPR etc - providing timely legal advice (outsourced when required) - contract analysis - trademark infringement etc - helping to ensure contractual arrangements advance TPF objectives - protecting TPF and the software projects we serve from legal, financial and other risks - encouraging commercially valuable contracts with sponsors and partners etc - structuring legal relationships to encourage growth, flexiblity and durability ## Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) - Consolidate existing IPR and create an IPR strategy for TPF, software projects and conferences etc - Register new trademarks for: - "perl" as a word mark only *without* the Onion device - a new word mark for YAS/Artistic Software Foundation - a device logo mark for YAS/Artistic Software Foundation - "rakudo" as a word mark in the UK and EU (?) - Camelia as a device logo for use with Raku - Creating and managing a project template and governance model for Artistic Software Projects - sub/co-branding trademark IPR policy - take inspiration from other foundations (e.g., Apache Software Foundation, Python Software Foundation, Internet Society etc) - Create an IPR howto document for Artistic Software Projects - Work with Artistic software projects like Mojolicious to offer trademark custodian services - register the trademarks on behalf of the project - licence the trademarks to the project for use - help protect the brand with support from the project - adjudicate on brand guidelines breaches etc - handle survivorship etc - Where needed work with external lawyers for trademarks, licensing, contracts etc - Create a network of legal professionals we can call upon in different jurisdictions to support our IPR ## Serious Community Matters - From time to time serious community matters might arise (e.g., defamation, libel, serious code of conduct violation etc), the legal committee can provide the Board with suggestions for addressing the problems and where appropriate seek formal legal advice ## Governance legitimacy - Help ensure TPF is run in accordance with its charter and articles of association ## Contracts - Help TPF with negotiating contracts and reduce liability/exposures (outsourcing legal advice when required) ## Privacy - Help TPF and the software projects it serves with advice on privacy and GDPR compliance. - Create a privacy policy template for TPF (and software projects) that is human-friendly and GDPR-compliant ## Commercial Support - Help identify revenue generating commercial opportunities through sponsorship, advertising, licensing and other means. - To put in place secure legal arrangements that support and grow these opportunities. - Where required put in place insurance and other measures to protect TPF from liability, exposures and risks.